Fremlin & Laing

Residents of Mt. Pleasant West affectionately refer to this densely populated neighbourbood as Davisville Village. Pedestrians favor the area for its proximity to the shops, services and restaurants that have attracting single buyers and young couples to the area. Minto Midtown Quantum towers is the largest condominium tower in the area, landmarked by Mt. Pleasant Cemetery – an arboretum of one of the finest tree collections in North America.

The village is bounded on the East by Leaside, and on the West by Yonge Street and Davisville subway. Davisville Village is a mix of Office buildings, Older towers built between 1970 and 2000, and modern condominiums.

There are houses on the north side of Keewatin, on Soudan east of Redpath, and on Belsize Drive which is divided in part by the lovely Glebe Manor Square Parkette. North Toronto Collegiate is an exceptional example of community and industry coming together to create the mixed-use project comprising the school and two highrise towers.