Fremlin & Laing

Circle of Trust Business Network

Mission Statement: The members of this network are committed to customer satisfaction, prompt service, responsive follow up and accountability. This network supports any initiative that promotes our neighbourhoods and our community and we encourage everyone to "please buy local". Karen and Duncan personally use the services of those listed here and recommend each of them to our family, clients, friends and fellow business associates.

Attorney at Law - Virginia Hamara

Virginia and her assistant Maria Brown have been a vital part of our team for many years. Specializing in real estate law and mediation, they have provided first rate service and advice to many of our clients over the years. Our clients tell us that Virginia and Maria and her staff are responsive to the clients needs and take great care to ensure everything is explained to everyone's satisfaction. We work closely with them when closing a sale and this alone has saved our clients endless grief and a lot of money in unnecessary fees. There's never a rush when you're working with Hamara Law. 416-961-5010

Colour Consultant - Sylvia O'Brien

Sylvia achieves amazing results with paint colours! I'd heard terror stories of colour consultants recommending things owners hated enough to repaint. That wouldn't be possible with Sylvia because of her process to determine which colours and shades her clients instinctively like. Then she works with the clients, furnishings and light to offer suggestions for each room or area. We've used her services for our house (interior and exterior) and condo and were thrilled with everything. The buyers of our house even commented on how much they loved the colours, two years after painting. Yes, many of us can choose paint colours and some of us aren't disappointed once it's on the walls. But why spend all that time, money and angst when Sylvia's choices are ALWAYS stellar the first time.


Electrician - Mike Gordon

Mike is a skilled and highly qualified licensed electrician. We've known him for many years and he is a man of integrity and honour. He does what he says he's going to do, on time and on budget. Our clients (consumers and contractors) enjoy his pleasant and trustworthy personality, and the reassurance that there will be no compromise on the safety of their homes. Contractors like having Mike on their job sites. They value his knowledge of the latest technical developments in the industry, his promptness and professional standards. As an owner-operator, Mike understands that his reputation and the growth of his business are based on each and every satisfied client.


Handyman - James Gilbert

This man has been a part of our operation almost from day 1. We've probably referred James to more of our clients that any other professional. In our business, a skilled tradesman is an integral part of our operation. We use him to help us with our own projects at home and he's been a great service to many of our clients, customers and friends. He's reliable, honest and his prices are excellent value. Please mention our name when you call him at 416-525-5825.


Masonry - Johnson Playfair

We've had the opportunity to refer a young masonry company to some of our clients and the reviews are in... they're excellent! Brendan Playfair and Matthew Johnson are the owner/operators of Johnson Playfair Brick and Stone Masonry. These young men are red seal certified masons experienced in restoration, new construction and landscaping. It's a young persons game in 2014 with new materials, products and techniques being offered for the demanding home owner. They're experts in all types of brick work, stone walls and patios, structural concrete block, concrete, chimneys, fireplaces, landscaping and restoration. We're impressed that they're so respected in their industry. If your project involves brick, block or stone, check them out at:


Mortgage Broker - Lois Volk

We have been working with Lois for well over 20 years. She has provided expert service and advice to hundreds of our clients. Lois always answers her own phone and the best part is, she'll be there when mortgage renewal time comes around. She has many more financial products available to her than the mortgage broker at your local bank. Oh, one more thing. Her services are free! You can reach her at Let her know we referred you.


Movers - Maria Botelho - Tender Touch Moving and Storage

The most common referral we're asked about is moving companies. None really stood out so we've been reluctant to recommend a company... until now. When we moved three years ago, we used Tender Touch Moving and they were excellent. If you want to give them a try, you can either call us and we'll make the introduction or call Maria Botelho at 416-654-4994 ext. 101. When we spoke recently, Maria told me: "Any client you do refer, I will personally work on their estimate and ensure they get a VIP crew - we always aim for the very best move for all clients."


Organization - Simply Closets

If you're a home owner, and particularly a condo owner, one of the most challenging problems is how to maximize a limited amount of space. Products offered by IKEA are often not quite right, or you might not want to challenge your marriage by assembling them yourself. That's when you should call Daniel Wilkinson from Simply Closets for custom shelves, closet organizers, etc. He'll come to your home with his computer, measure the space and within minutes show you in 3D what the new cupboards will look like. His service, installation and follow-up are very impressive and we're pleased to recommend him based on our own positive experience. Call us first and we'd be happy to make the introduction.


Photographer - Gary Beechey

He's funny. He's charming. He's slick. He's a real pro. He's the best gall darn photographer in the land. After 30+ years in the entertainment business and 20+ years in real estate, I've seen a few photographers in my time. No one can bring out the best of his subjects than Gary Beechey. Be it a wedding, a promotional shot, family gathering or a corporate celebration, he's seen it all. Check out his credentials and some samples of his work at


Relocation Planning Services - Sylvia Christie

f you're planning a move but are overwhelmed at the prospect of packing and sorting, you really must call Sylvia. She and her crew are skilled at sorting, packing, itemizing and recording the contents of entire houses or small rooms. When she's done, you'll know where to find everything - she's that good. And fast. This is particularly important when there's a deadline - as in, "the house has to be ready soon." She'll arrange for refuse removal, storage, and anything else relating to the move. She'll even help you unpack. Her charm and good-natured humour will make the process enjoyable, from beginning to end.


Roofer - Jack Atlas

Jack is a rarity in the roofing trade... a lifer. His dad was a roofer, Jack is a roofer and his son is a roofer. Jack Atlas Roofing is the name of his company. I've known this man for a very many years. If you're looking for a quote, a patch job or simply some advice, I'd suggest you call Jack. He'll give it to you straight and the best part is, he'll be there for you in the years to come. He stands behind his work. Mention our name when you call. 905-738-1032 or


Staging - Toronto Condo Staging

The service that provides the most value to sellers wanting top dollar for their home. We've devoted a lot of time searching for the one that meets our high standards. Toronto Condo Staging, owned and operated by the husband wife team of Darren and Lucie Brand is that company. No, they don't just stage condominiums! They perform their magic on most of the houses we sell.


Window Cleaning - Bill Whyte - Kleen Windows

We've been hiring and referring window cleaners since the day we started in real estate. If a house is going to be sold, the windows have to be clean. After trying numerous companies over the years, we always come back to Bill Whyte and his team from Kleen Windows. They're reliable, personable, prompt and they do one heck of a job. Feel free to call them direct at 416-706-7130, or better yet, call us first and we'll make the introduction.